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    How to Find UK Phone Numbers Online

    Are you looking for a UK telephone number? There are many online telephone directories such as http://www.allhelplinenumbers.com. The good news even if you’re having a tough time finding the phone number of someone in the UK, you can use online phone directories to help you locate their number. Here are some helpful tips to find numbers online:


    1. Toll-Free Phone Numbers

    As their name suggests these numbers are 100% free to call. They can also help to get useful information about a company. You can find many online directories with 1-800 number listings. You can also use a search engine to locate a toll-free phone number.


    There are various options you can use. One is the “contact us” info. Just type “contact us” then the number of the company. This will help to find the number you’re searching for.


    Another option is to type “800 number for (company).” The particular company you’re looking for should be substituted for the name “company.”


    2. Niche Search Engines

    There are many search engines to choose from including Google, Yahoo, and Bing. However, there are also several niche search engines that only focus on info related to people. this info can be critical when you’re searching for a particular phone number.


    How do these search engines work? They only look for info that could be linked to people. That includes phone numbers, business contacts, and so on. Different search engines produce different info so it’s worth typing in a phone number and phone number to see what info the search engine produces.


    3. Use Zaba search

    This is another effective tool for finding a phone number online. While Zaba search is controversial it’s 100% legal. It’s effective for finding various types of information including a phone number, physical address, birth date, etc. It shows information from all over the Internet and puts it in a single convenient location for public access.


    4. Free Reverse Lookup with Google

    The Alphabet company’s subsidiary makes it much easier to find a phone number. In fact, you can even find other information including a name, physical address, email address, etc. The process is quite easy. All you have to do is key in the phone number and area code into Google’s search box


    Then see what info you get. In the majority of cases, the number can be identified within the first 5 search results. Then simply click on one of the results to see business info, addresses, contacts, etc. Google provides more information about how to find home numbers using the search engine.


    5. Find cell phone numbers online

    There are almost as many cellphones in the world as there are people. The problem is that the majority of the phones aren’t listed in phone directories. That makes it more difficult to find them on the Internet.


    The good news is you can use some effective tricks that might find a person's private mobile phone number. The key is to know which steps to take in order to find the number. That, in turn, will help to make it easier to find the number.



  • Top Benefits of Listing Company to Local Online Directory

    Do you own a company? If so then you might consider whether or not to use an online phone directory. There are actually several benefits of linking your business to one and here are some of the primary ones:


    1. Boost brand’s image

    One key benefit of linking your company to local web-based directories is that it can help to build your company’s image. Local markets are often dealing with tough competition. In fact, your companies are also striving to build their image. It’s important to take steps to stay ahead.


    If you want to build your brand simply list your site on a top local directory. Make sure to include important info. That includes the company name/address/photos/videos. You should also include a small review of your particular occupation.


    If you’re listed in a web-based local directory you can manage your company’s brand image. That will help to boost your company’s trust/reliability.


    2. Cheaper advertising

    You can choose from various local advertising sources. One key benefit of internet directory advertising is it’s cheaper. Even with a small budget, it's possible to list your occupation within a local directory. Not only that, but the costs of maintenance is also low. Another key benefit is long-term support is also provided. You can even get service for 1, 2, etc. years. This service is very affordable.


    3. Online listing/marketing

    Business to Business (B2B) marketing or Business to Customer (B2C) is able to connect you with your target market. More customers can learn about your particular company. In fact, this can result in daily improvements in web traffic.


    These directory sites have already divided listings into various categories. You can make your entry in terms of your occupation specialty. This results in the directory listing being more precise and targeted.


    In the case that you have a website link the website with a local advertising ad. Attach a web link of your website. This helps to boost local visits. It also makes your online presence stronger. It’s not very surprising that you’re able to get 2x the benefits when you have a good web presence. You can also boost the number of visits to your site.


    4. Improved advertising

    If you advertise your company to a particular area there are several benefits. Local businesses can build brands and improve their business. There are many ways to advertise your company locally. An online directory is one of the best ways.


    Advertising services are very effective. In the case that you don't have an online presence, it's highly advisable to get listed on a high-quality local directory.


    5. Improve your business

    Let’s say that you’ve already listed your company in a local Internet directory. So you already have an online presence, right? If your competitors haven’t launched online marketing, you'll get the benefits.


    Studies show that 70% of today’s popular prefer online search for local services. There are various examples such as if you’re searching for a local mechanic or plumber. This improves your occupation.

  • What to Look for in Online Phone Directory

    Are you looking for an Internet phone directory? If so then these are some features you should look for:


    1. Size

    Make sure to consider the scope of the phone directory. This will help to make it easier to find the particular phone number you're looking for. Sometimes this can be tough if the number of entries on the site is limited. In that case, you'll likely want to go with a different company.


    2. Navigation

    This is an important issue. It should be relatively easy to search for phone numbers on a site. This is related to various issues including the user interface and other factors. What’s important is that you’re able to easily move around the site to find the particular number you’re looking for.


    3. Speed

    This is another key issue to consider if you’re searching for a phone number via a particular directory. It’s always a plus if you can search and find a particular number in an inexpedient time. That’s a plus because it will produce the best results for your needs.


    4. Reviews

    You should also consider the reviews the director has received. This is a good indicator of whether or not you should consider using it. If it’s received mostly good reviews then there’s a good chance you’ll have luck finding the numbers you’re looking for. However, if the opposite is true then that probably won’t happen.


    5. Service

    Make sure to consider the quality of a phone director’s customer service. This should help to determine whether or not you should do business with it.


  • Reasons to Use Virtual Phone Numbers

    Are you looking for phone numbers online? If so then you should consider Internet phone number directories. Here are some of the main reasons to get a virtual phone number for your company:


    1. Boost privacy

    A virtual phone number allows you to keep your privacy and add an extra layer of protection that’s between you and the people who want to contact you. For example, if you have an annoying caller you’re able to block the person so they won’t be able to contact you.


    This saves a lot of time and can also prevent a lot of stress. It’s a better choice than getting harassed or requiring to change your home/mobile number.


    2. Track website’s lead generation

    A major benefit of getting a virtual phone number for your site is that it will be easier to track the site’s leads. You can find out where people are inquiring about your company. It’s very easy to divert all of your calls to the new virtual number. You can then monitor the number of calls the new number gets.


    3. Get calls anytime and anywhere

    Virtual numbers allow you to get calls at any time and from anywhere. That includes other numbers including those from a cell phone, landline, and international. Then you can get calls anytime. This is great for situations such as if you travel a lot.


    It’s often very easy to change the number that it’s being switched to. You can still send calls to voicemail in the case you’re unavailable. Then you can set up a schedule for it automatically.





  • More Reasons to Get a Virtual Phone Number

    Has your company considered a virtual phone number? This will make it easier for people to find your company via a web phone directory. Here are some more reasons your company should consider securing a virtual phone number:


    1. Better search rankings

    Google continues to change the way that companies are found online. There’s a good reason to believe that having a name, address, and telephone number that’s consistent linked to your business can improve the ranking in online search results.


    2. Look more credible

    If you add a virtual telephone number to your site it makes you look more like an actual business. The Internet is anonymous so people naturally want to know if you’re a legit company and that they’re able to contact you if it’s necessary for them to do that. Most won’t call you but they’d like to be aware that they could.


    3. Get calls without talking

    Another benefit of getting a virtual line is that you can receive calls without talking to anyone. Messages are emailed as an audio file attachment meant for you. You can then listen to the messages when you want to do that. You can also play recorded messages that direct a person to your site or provide alternate instructions. This is an excellent benefit.


    4. Forward messages/calls atomically

    A major benefit of virtual phone numbers is you can easily forward messages and calls to the people who need to be contacted. This can even be done if the people are in another country!